E 昌庭之家 -- Grand House Chang Tee Hotel E
What is each room equipped with?
- Air Conditioner/Heater
- Television, Shower/Toilet, Complimentary
  Toiletries: shampoo, soap, towels, hair dryer,
  Phone lines (Not available in annex Komagome)
- Water dispencer, WIFI (with your own laptop),
  Coin-operated washers and dryers, microwave
  and plates are available upon request.
Can I wash my clothes in the hotel?
Yes. Coin-operated washers and dryers are available.
Can I store my luggage at the hotel once I havechecked out?
Yes. We can store your luggage in our storage room without charge for a limited time once you have checked out (Not available in annex Komagome).
When is payment due?
Full payment is required when you check in. We accept cash, VISA, MASTER or AMEX.
Does the hotel have the entrance guard limit?
No. The hotel does not have the entrance guard limit.
Are wake-up calls provided?
Yes. Wake-up calls can be provided at your convenience(Not available in annex Komagome).
When is Check-in time and when is Check-out time?
Check-in time begins at 3:00 pm.
Check-out time ends at 11:00 am.
Is a credit card required for making a reservation?
We are not able to reserve a room for you without a credit card.
Is there any internet access available for me to use?
Yes. There is one computer with high speed internet access available in the lobby and wireless internet access (with your own computer) for patrons to use. Wireless internet access is only available in annex Komagome.(Own laptop and LAN Cable are needed.)
Do you have airtport limousine service provided?
No. But we can provide you a airport limousine contact.
Does the hotel help to receive parcel on customer's behalf?
The hotel helps to receive parcel on customer's behalf if no advance payment is involved.
Please specify reference number and room number as well.